End the Ban

End the Ban

It’s time to end the stigma, it’s time to End the Ban

The current one-year ban on men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM) and trans people is based on discriminatory and outdated science. Further, the science behind screening processes and HIV testing has only proven that the Federal government is choosing stereotypes over science.

We are suffering from a shortage of blood supplies across Canada. We can help reduce this shortage from accepting donations from MSM and trans people. If Canada Blood Services wants to save lives, let queer and trans people help.

The Federal Government of Canada can choose to end the discriminatory ban on MSM and trans people.

History of the Ban

The current ban has a long history of re-packaging and re-advertising discriminatory policies
1985 – Initial policy implemented that placed a lifetime ban on men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM) from donating blood
2002 – Canadian Blood Services takes queer man to court for lying and donating blood
2013 – Lifetime ban reduced to a five year ban
2016 – Five year ban reduced to a one-year ban, with the inclusion of arbitrarily banning trans people with specific genitalia from donating

The current government treats the reduction of a deferral as a success – but it is still just as discriminatory. People should not have to abstain for a year to save a life.

What Can you do as an ally?

  • Sign the petition
  • Get educated on the history of the ban, screening processes and current policies
  • Contact your Member of Parliament (MP) and demand change
  • Donate blood – we don’t want to make the blood shortage crisis worse
  • Talk to other donors, family, friends and staff at Canadian Blood Services to educate them. Help end the stigma but starting with your social circle.

Other information

  • Post-secondary students make up a large amount of donors, we can create change if we demand it
  • New technology can detect HIV within twelve days after infection
  • HIV/AIDS is not exclusive to queer and trans communities. Living with HIV/AIDS should not be further stigmatized in this debate
  • Many countries around the world have implemented policies to allow donation from MSM and trans people