Anti-Oppression/Anti-Racist Resources

Urban Alliance on Race Relations
The UARR is a non-profit charitable organization. It works primarily in a proactive way with the community, public and private sectors to provide educational programs and research which are critical in addressing racism in our society.

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
OCAP is a direct-action anti-poverty organization based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We mount campaigns against regressive government policies as they affect poor and working people. In addition, we provide direct-action advocacy for individuals against eviction, termination of welfare benefits, and deportation. We believe in the power of people to organize themselves.

Rights of Non-Status Women’s Network
Rights of Non-Status Women Network is an organized network of agencies and community members in Toronto. Their mandate is to address barriers to services and resources faced by non-status women, impacted by gender-based violence, through coordinated public education and advocacy for the purpose of systemic change.

For more information or to become involved, please contact: METRAC (416-392-3135; or the Woman Abuse Council of Toronto (416-944-9242;

Colours of Resistance
Colours of Resistance (COR) is a grassroots network of people who consciously work to develop anti-racist, multiracial politics in the movement against global capitalism. We are committed to helping build an anti-racist, anti-imperialist, multiracial, feminist, queer and trans liberationist, anti-authoritarian movement against global capitalism. We are committed to integrating an anti-oppression framework and analysis into all of our work.